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Rock Selection for Zen backyard

We were looking for nice grey river rock that goes with freska limestone pavers surrounds our pool. They are called Mexican pebble rock but so expensive. We are in Arizona and there is a product call Arizona River Rocks or Natural Rocks. It is kind of multi-color rock but the price is at least 10 times cheaper!  We purchase 3/4" - 1 1/2" Natural Rock for $26.95 per ton from All Brite . They not only priced much cheaper than other big names but also so friendly, and knowledgeable. We will go back to them for any rock needs we will have! You need to measure the area and how deep you want to fill rocks and they do all the math for you. We end up buying 5 tons and they were able to deliver next day for us.  We bought Gorilla Cart and Coy (my husband) and I shoveled the rocks in the middle of the Arizona summer and completed the "Fill the rock" project! We end up loving this Natural Rock. The multi-color actually matches to various element

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